Tanya Lin



This is my first foray into color after working in black and white film and x-ray imagery extensively.

 The original idea for the work came from images of The Sacred Heart of Jesus depicting flames and rays emanating from said heart.

Combining two sometimes obsessions of mine - food and fire - I set out to create images of food not consumed by but rather surround by multicolored fire.  Collecting a variety of accelerants and color changing materials, hunting and gathering foods and ultimately spending a week in the woods photographing nightly in the bitter cold outdoors (safely!) and editing by day, printing when I returned.  Birthing these images was something between a science experiment, a prayer, and giving birth.  Each with their own particular non compromising quality.  

​Limited by the conditions of nocturnal self-lit and zoom-lens distance photoshoots, it was a surprise to discover that overlapping moments in time were successfully recorded in a way the eye could never see, more than I had dared to hope.

I hope you enjoy them.  Thank you for looking.


I communicate visually via photography, x-rays, assemblage and holography.  Most of what I do is process oriented and the "art" that hangs on a wall is merely a byproduct or evidence of what has actually taken place.  And in this case it was a lot!